Property tax

Information about property taxes and how you can perform payment

Sector: Department of Finance
Unit: Unit for assessment and collection of property tax.
Responsible person: Anita Nakov
Phone: +389 2 3207 528
Working hours: 09.00-15.00 h

Steps of the procedure:
  1. Submission of tax application for property tax assessment in shed 16 at counter 3 of the City of Skopje. Prepared tax solutions can be obtained at counter 7 in the City of Skopje
  2. The tax application should include a contact person and contact phone number
  3. Property tax is payable on real estate, except for the property which is exempt from paying tax according to ZDI (Official Gazette of RM 61/04)
  4. The determination of the market value of the real estate is done by the Commission for determining the market value of the real estate, according to the Methodology for determining the market value of the real estate
  5. The responsible persons prepare a Property Tax Decision
  6. The property tax determination decision is delivered to the taxpayer - either personally or by mail
Required documents:
  1. Tax application for property tax assessment (legally prescribed form)
  2. Proof of real estate ownership (title deed, document of title or previously certified proof of ownership)
  3. Other additional documentation that will be required during the procedure.

All necessary information regarding property tax can be obtained at shed 16 at counter 7 City of Skopje or at phone. (02) 3297-263 - Tanja Mitrovska

Deadlines for the procedure:

The decision on the amount of the tax on property tax is adopted no later than March 31 in the year for which the property tax is determined (statutory deadline)

Document / act that the citizen receives:

Decision on fixed property tax

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