Permit to perform on particular line transport for passenger

Permit to perform on particular line transport for passenger

Sector: Traffic Sector
Unit: Unit for Issuing Traffic Licenses and Permits.
Responsible person: Aleksandar Krstevski
Phone: +389 2 3297 308
Working hours: 08.30-16.30 h

Steps of the procedure:
  1. Submission of a request for issuance of a Permit to perform a separate line transport, together with the required documentation in the Archive of the City of Skopje (shed 14);
  2. Preparation of the Permit on the basis of the application and the documentation submitted;
  3. Receipt of the Permit by the applicant.
Required documents:
  1. Application, completed and certified by a legal entity
  2. Copy of the license for municipal passenger transport by inland road transport
  3. Copies of the traffic licenses (at least two) of the vehicles registered in the name of the company, notarized or a copy of the lease agreement concluded with an authorized distributor, notarized
  4. A copy of the certificate of fulfillment of the requirements for technical exhaustion requirements for motor vehicles intended for the performance of urban and suburban passenger transport by road issued by the motor vehicle technical inspection stations
  5. A copy of the M1 / M2 forms for full-time drivers depending on the number of motor vehicles, at least one driver per vehicle meeting the requirements prescribed by the traffic safety regulations
  6. Copy of driving license with appropriate category
  7. Contract with legal entity and list of passengers to be transported
  8. Timetable (departure and arrival times)
  9. Vehicle license extract depending on the number of vehicles required
Deadlines for the procedure:

15 days

Document / act that the citizen receives:

PERMIT to perform on particular line transport for passenger

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