Decision on a place to advertise

Department: Traffic Department
Unit: Unit for issuing temporary decision for a place to advertise
Person in charge: Jordan Mitev
Phone: +389 2 3217 010
email: /
Opening hours: 08.30-16.30

Steps of the procedure:
  1. The applicant (legal entity), interested in obtaining a temporary decision for commercial advertising for its own needs, submits the required documentation to the City of Skopje Archive (shed 14);
  2. Drafting a decision on the basis of documentation submitted by the Applicant;
  3. Requesting a decision by the Applicant.
Required documents:
  1. Request for issuance of a temporary decision certified by the City of Skopje Archive (200 MKD administrative fee);
  2. Micro location traffic solution situation;
  3. Sketch, technical solution for: advertising banners, totems, signposts and marking panels.

NOTE: The entity interested in obtaining the document / act should also include a contact telephone in the submitted documentation.

Deadlines for the procedure:

15 days from the submission of the request

Document / act that the citizen receives:

Decision on a place to advertise

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