Property condition

Certificate for Property condition

Sector: Finance Sector
Unit: Unit for assessment and collection of property tax.
Responsible person: Anita Nakov
Phone: +389 2 3207 528
Working hours: 09.00-15.00 h

Steps of the procedure:
  1. An application for a Certificate of Assets is submitted followed by a notarized statement. The filing of the application for a property tax is accompanied by the payment of an administrative fee in accordance with the Law on Administrative Fees (tariff number 1) with an original certified form PP 50 in the amount of 50.00 denars
  2. Required forms are taken at counter 3, 4 and 5 of the City of Skopje
  3. Based on the available data, the City of Skopje issues Certificate of Property
Required documents:
  1. Request for Issuance of Certificate of Asset followed by Notarized Statement
Deadlines for the procedure:

Within 7 days (immediately)

Document / act that the citizen receives:

Property Certificate

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