The correct address

Certificate of correct address

Department: Communal Affairs Department
Unit: Unit for other Communal Affairs
Responsible person: Pavlina Cupevska
                                 Nevenka Dimovska
Phone: +389 2 3297 330
Working hours: 08.30-16.30 h

Steps of the procedure:
  1. The user (legal or natural person) interested in obtaining a Certificate of Correct Address submits a Request to the City of Skopje Archive (Request No. 14);
  2. The Head of Unit prepares a Certificate of Correct Address.
Required documents:
  1. Request for the correct address
  2. Copy of construction-graphic attachment requirements (for new facility)
  3. Copy of Purchase Agreement
  4. A copy of the property list
  5. ID card copy
Deadlines for the procedure:

14 days

Document / act that the citizen receives:

CERTIFICATE for the correct address

Forms and applications
Request for the correct address

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