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Who is responsible for controlling and sanctioning caterers who usurp sidewalks and public spaces with their summer balconies?

- The City of Skopje is responsible for the procedures for obtaining Urban Equipment Approval. Whether the entities adhere to the approval granted for the dimensions and layout of the equipment set up, as well as the control of whether they hold approval at all, are subject to appropriate municipal inspections.

Where to report uncut old and dry trees and branches?

- The City of Skopje is responsible for issuing solutions for cutting and trimming trees, shrubs and hedges on a public or yard surface, and cutting and trimming are performed by the expert teams of PE Parks and Greenery.

You can find more information about the procedure itself at the Department of Public Works of the City of Skopje on +389 2 3297 392 or by e-mail at

Where to report a problem with stray dogs?

- For problems with street dogs, you should contact the Department for Human Treatment and Control of Homeless Animals at the Public Enterprise "Communal Hygiene", which is responsible for capturing the street dogs and transporting them to the Vardarishte station.

For more information you can call +389 2 5217 171 and +389 2 3216 644.

I want a homeless dog. Tell me where can I get more detailed information?

- All interested citizens can host a homeless dog from Stationery "Vardarishte", from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 am to 1 pm.
The dogs of different breeds and sizes, which are destined to house the citizens, are treated, sterilized, vaccinated and without any financial compensation. Every dog-housed citizen must fill out a form with their details and commit to being a responsible owner, in compliance with existing laws.

For more information you can contact the telephone
number +389 2 5217 171.

Where can we report that they don't collect the trash from our bins and containers?

- Complaints for irregular waste collection can be sent to the City of Skopje, the Sector for Public Utilities at +389 2 3297 283 and +389 2 3297 392.

You can also call the Public Utility Company "Communal Hygiene" on the +389 2 3216 644, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Where can we report when JSP buses and private carriers do not comply with the timetable?

- The public transport system in Skopje is combined and implemented by the Public Transport Company - Skopje and several private companies. They all have a uniform ticketing system, as well as an officially enacted timetable that they must adhere to.

If the buses do not comply with the official timetable, citizens can report to the City of Skopje, the Citizens Information and Referral Center on +389 2 3297 255 and the JSP to the Operational Control Center on +389 2 3173 264.

Where can we get more detailed information for "Tree for Every Child" project?

- More information on this project can be found at the Citizens Information and Referral Center on +389 2 3297 255.