The best days for Skopje are ahead of us, from here on Ilindenska 82, we announce positive changes and a better city of which we will all be proud of 1/31/2022



We all want to live in a beautiful modern city, Skopje, which will be transformed from the current gray in a city without traffic chaos, without urban chaos, with efficient city administration without corruption.

In 82 days we have shown that with a lot of work and effort nothing is impossible.

We have cleaned more than 120 illegal landfills, we have put an end to the impunity of polluters who endanger the lives and health of citizens, endanger our future and the future of our loved ones.

There are no more forgotten settlements in Skopje. Our teams visit all settlements, listen to the challenges which urban and local communities face, listen to the challenges citizens face, and with appropriate measures and action plan started implementing key projects with concrete solutions.

We have introduced regular night lines at the request of citizens who need to travel on weekends. We are in constant contact with the citizens who can contact us on a 24 hours a day active phone line, we have also established a rapid reaction service with teams from the city and public enterprises.

We have established a City Eco Council - Green Council that will provide strategic planning for the future of Skopje, with the participation and creation of policies by experts in the field of urban planning, urbanism, architecture, traffic and environmental protection.

In cooperation with the civil society organizations I love Vodno and 02, we started with the procedure where the City of Skopje in its program for 2022 allocated funds for the preparation of a Spatial Plan for Protected Area - Vodno. At the same time, we initiated the preparation of a Draft Law in order to declare Vodno a protected forest.

We exist for you and appreciate your time, that is why there is an office open 24 hours per day in order to increase accessibility to the citizens.

We are starting with infrastructural and system solutions for the traffic chaos in Skopje, we are additionally returning the counters to the traffic lights, and the green waves on the boulevards are again in function.

Inclusiveness is our priority, public institutions must be accessible to all, we have provided access ramps in the city institutions as a first step of Skopje to become city fully accessible to all.

In fulfilling the promises from the program, for the first time in the City of Skopje, we initiated vetting of directors and managers, zero tolerance of corruption with systemic measures to eliminate opportunities for corruption and to prevent conflicts of interest.

In these times of severe economic crisis, we met the needs of the citizens and revised and adjusted the assessment for property tax, and we reduced the prices of parking lots that are under the jurisdiction of the city.

We have established the Council for Support of Women Entrepreneurship, which unites 25 organizations and experts in the field, which will act in order to provide conditions for increased economic empowerment and financial independence of women.

But we also did more than we promised for the first 82 days.

After two years, the cable car to the top of Vodno is operational again, at the request of the people of Skopje.

We started with projects for construction and reconstruction of streets across the city.

We are restoring the greenery by starting the project for increasing the green areas throughout the city.

The law applies equally to all, the city has started with frequent controls of regular and extraordinary non-selective inspections and the establishment of systemic solutions for dealing with pollutants.

Citizens' money is no longer spent on unproductive purposes. The official cars are in the parking lot of the City of Skopje after working hours, and your funds are no longer spent on bars and representative expenses. We have reallocated those funds for continuously providing food for the homeless.

It is an honor and pleasure for me to show that in 82 days we can fundamentally change the way the city is run.