Re-Cycle and Re-Use of Construct and Demolition Waste (Re-Construct)


Overall objective: To increase and improve capacities of City of Skopje for transition to a circular economy and sustainable re-use of constructional and demolition waste through identification of illegal dumpsites, monitoring and interventions for closing constructional material cycle and avoiding future waste


Main activities: Identify and clean illegal dump sites, recycling of concrete and demolition waste by Drisla with use of a cruncher

Budget:  703,180.52 €  (EU co-funding:  597,703.44 €)

Start date:   01/01/2022     Duration:  40 months

Contact:   Lazar Kuchera (



City of Skopje

Partners - JP Deponija Drisla, Mestna Obcina Nova Gorica and Regional Development Agency Nova Gorica


Sector - Department for International Cooperation

Duration - 36 months


Problems addressed

–1,Support the City administration and the Public Enterprises employees with the implementation of innovative solutions for construction waste management

–2,Improving the process and promptness for circular economy transition

–3,Capacity building and knowledge sharing from successful EU regions


General objective - The main goal of this project is to improve and enlarge the capacities of the City of Skopje towards a circular economy transition and sustainable re-use of construction waste through  identification of illegal dumpsites, their monitoring and construction waste interventions.


Specific objective(s)

- Circular model for construction waste management developed with all parties included;

- Decreasing the overall number of illegal dumpsites and  solving the illegal dumpsite issue

–Application for mapping and following of illegal dumpsites fully developed

–Data base of illegal dumpsites created

- Increased recycling of construction waste in the City of Skopje Municipality


Activities planned

–Setting of operative machinery for recycling and reuse of construction waste.

–Training of 30 technical staff to manage and operate the mechanisation purchased by the project

–Training of 20 construction companies or representatives on construction waste recycling and reus0

–Prepare manual for recycle and reuse of construction waste